May Gosling

May Gosling


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In the North of England, the first of May (May Day Tricks) was a kind of late ‘April Fools Day’ when all sorts of pranks would take place and ‘May Gosling’ was the shout if you managed to trick someone. The response would be: ‘May Goslings past and gone. You’re the fool for making me one!’    An interesting bit of information I stumbled across whilst looking/thinking for a title for this month’s blog.  I was called a May Gosling myself as it’s my birthday, it’s taken 40 plus years for me to look up the term.

April has passed, and got us back into the swing of Saturday change overs in both cottages.   We went to Birdsall to watch the Tour De Yorkshire pass by, it was passed in a flash but good to see.  The Tour is great for the area, we see a lot of cyclists on the roads around us now but my horse hates them, maybe something to do with them sneaking up behind silently and frightening the life out of both of us.  A good loud shout might help.  On the plus side all the pot holes have been filled on the Tour Route.

Tour de Yorkshire

May is a funny month for bookings, we tend to go back to short breaks mainly.  We have one weekend in the Granary available and availability in The Mistal.

The tennis court will be ready this week, the white lines hopefully straight……ish! Gardening is on going, we have found over 20 tennis balls around the garden/tennis court area, I think that’s a record, new balls have now been purchased for this seasons matches.

The spring flowers are still in full bloom, making the garden very colourful.  Whilst doing the never ending weeding I frightened a duck off its nest, not knowing it was there.  I doubt the eggs will survive as we have a lot of magpies,  pigeons and badgers  around us.  I would love them to hatch as I used to keep a few runner ducks myself but gave up after a mink got them.


Driving in to the village the other day, something small and fluffy caught my eye.  Our neighbours across the field keep donkeys and one of them has had a foal.  As you can see from the photo, it’s 100% cute.


We are getting a lot of good feedback about the recent updates in the Granary living area and kitchen area which is good to hear.  As we head into the main season everything seems to be ticking over as it should be  after a number of repairs and renewals, so hopefully the season should go fairly smoothly.

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