Foodie Heaven


Foodie Heaven

New for 2017 in Malton is ‘Street Food Sundays’ every Sunday in June, July and August for some alfresco street food dining.  This is on top of the monthly food market which happens every 2nd Saturday of the month.  Visit  for all the dates and information about events in Malton this summer.



Every man and his dog in Burythorpe were out taking pictures of the double Rainbow. It was amazing and seemed so close, it even made it on to the local TV news weather report.


Tennis Court

With extra help cutting and lining the tennis court last week, it halved the time it took to do.  Oliver was distracted by Mabel wanting to play ball, this ment the grass lines were wonky!

Bird Watching
We had a surprise rare visitor this month.  I sat down for a quick cup of tea in our conservatory. I noticed a bird in a nearby tree which looked larger than all the common garden birds.  It then flew off to the next tree, at this point as it was so close I could see it was bright lime green with a red head and thick beak.  Having not seen one before I googled Woodpecker thinking that was what it looked like and there it was a Green Woodpecker, not often seen.

Unfortunately by the time the camera arrived I had lost sight of it.  I went out armed with camera, had no chance of spotting it in the trees, but I did then see two greater spotted woodpeckers.

Also spotted nearby was a Red Kite circling over newly cut grass. Their is a lot of nesting going on in the garden at the moment.  The blackbirds have got a nest at our back door, swallows, and sparrows in the stable and a Jenny Wren in a log hanging on a wall!

Unfortunately one of the sparrow nests came to grief.  Three of the young had fallen out of the nest in the stable and I couldn’t get to it to put them back in.  I tried my best at keeping them going but with no sign of mum or dad, although they did well during the day, they didn’t survive the night.



Dog walking one morning, the vivid blue cornflower stood out a mile in the crop of Barley.  Then just glancing left there was a fox staring back at me but quickly jumped back into the barley before I got a photo.




We are just starting to get bookings for 2018.  The Mistal is as popular as ever being fully booked from June to the end of September this year.  We have had some gaps in June and early July in The Granary, but then it’s fully booked until school starts again in September.  We then tend to switch back to short breaks from September.  This year we have seen the highest number of repeat visits at more than 50% which is great.  A few families are on there sixth year with us now, we moved here in 2011.  The Evans family break all records though and have been coming to The Granary for more than 20 years!


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